Occupational assessment

The occupational expert examines the severity of the job (workload) and weighs this against the employee's capacity (workload capacity).

The way we work

Employers contact us when the company doctor recommends an assessment by an occupational expert. Usually, at that moment, the employee has been incapacitated (fully) for 11 months. In this case, you can expect the following from us:

First, we make an appointment. The employer and employee fill in a questionnaire and send this back to the occupational expert via email. Also, the list that the company doctor prepared will be sent to the occupational expert in advance. This list is usually called FML (“List of functional capabilities”) or IZP (“employability profile”). With all this information, the assessment can be prepared.

Visiting the workplace

The occupational expert will then spend a morning or afternoon visiting the company. He or she will have separate talks with the employer and the employee. Usually, the occupational expert will also visit the workplace. If there is other information needed, this can be requested right there and then. At the end of this half-day session, the occupational expert will have a meeting with the employer and the employee. Usually, at this time, he or she will already be able to give an indication about the outcome of the assessment.

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Focus on perspective

The occupational expert will continue with the assessment and incorporate the information gathered during the visit. Usually, another meeting will follow within 1.5 weeks. At WerkWegen we call this a ‘meeting to determine the perspective’.

Before this meeting, both employer and employee will receive a concept report of the assessment. They will read this report carefully to determine if all the information is correct.

During this meeting we will first determine if there is anything that needs to be improved. If this does not lead to any changes in the advice, we will move on to the second part of the meeting: the advice. What to do next? What are the steps that need to be taken now? The occupational expert will look for opportunities for both employer and employee, within the limitations of the law.

Advice that takes you further

You can also ask an occupational expert for other advice. For example, to review the absenteeism file (is it Gatekeeper-proof?) or to conduct reintegration/sick leave interviews with the employee. These services are tailor-made. All arrangements are set up in consultation with you. Sometimes we advise to request an expert opinion from the UWV to make sure no opportunities are missed.

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